Monday, September 12, 2016

The Venice Canals

This afternoon we went walking in the Venice canals historic district.  There are only six canals left, and none of them are the original canals that Venice was named after - those canals were filled in when land became more valuable, believe it or not.  In the 70's the canal district was run down, and the canals were full of garbage.  Since then the canals have been refurbished and this area is one of the most coveted real estate locations around.  The houses are just beautiful - both the original small bungalows, and the more sophisticated architecture that has replaced them.  The whole place is an amazing collection of architectural styles.  The gardens at so many of the homes are also amazing as well, with many plants we didn't recognize at all - a wonderful lesson in horticulture.


Anonymous said...

Did not know about some of the canals getting filled in - what a shame! Glad there are some left and that they were cleaned up. Makes for beautiful photos :-) bsk

Anonymous said...

I did not know that Venice, CA had canals. I always see your photos of beach area. Beautiful photos.