Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Spencer, you ain't too swuft"

When I was on active duty with the U.S. Air Force reserve, I was getting "on the job training," at Niagara Falls International Airport.  I drove fuel trucks, fueled airplanes and set up pumping stations to transfer fuel from tanker trucks to 100,000 gallon tanks of JP-4 and Avgas.  Sometimes the other airmen would forget to tell me how things were done, and when I made a "mistake" there was one guy from Texas who was very fond of saying "Spencer, you ain't too swuft!"  That always cracked me up!  Anyhow, I say that, because yesterday my whole post was about struggling with trying to figure out my new telescope mount.  Then after all that, what did I show you?  Right, a landscape photograph!  I am definitely not too swuft.  I should have shown you a photograph of the scope and mount!  Duh!  So here they are.

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Anonymous said...

Spencer, you ain't too swift! This made me laugh, but I also learned something new about my brother and the air force reserves.