Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Billion Times

I have wanted to stop here and take some photographs for years!  I have driven by this spot at least a billion times, and that's not exaggerating!  This beautiful piece of property is located on Post Road, in Old Westbury, and many times is has horses on it.  But it is only a two lane road, and there are "no parking" signs everywhere, and the police don't take kindly to people stopping.  It is hard to find a place to pull off the road.  So that's why I never stopped before.  But I took a chance today, and lucked out - no one caught me.  And this is not a bad photograph.


Anonymous said...

...and THIS is Long Island! It's beautiful, but I guess if all of the Island looked as bucolic as this, none of us would be able to afford to live here! The road is narrow with no place to stop for a reason - the people who own the property don't want you there! Glad you were finally able to grab a shot. I think it was worth the risk of getting caught!

Anonymous said...

Also glad you got the shot. As soon as I saw the fences, I thought of horses so this is an interesting photo for me. Beautiful property. bsk