Friday, February 10, 2017

The Beauty of Snow

I had a wonderful time walking in the snowstorm looking for beautiful photographs.  They didn't seem hard to find.  The trick was to come up with photographs that didn't all look the same, as might happen if all the photographs were taken from the same distance.  It also helps if the subject matter is different as well.  I photographed these grasses at a house two doors down the hill,  a week ago, with no snow on the ground, and in black and white.  I love the delicacy of this image.

The tree in the center of this photograph was photographed back in January with red illuminated disks decorating it for Christmas.  This image looks nothing like that photograph!

I always go to the harbor to see how Long Island Sound looks when the wind is howling, and I also love when it is snowing or raining, because the trees in the distance disappear because of the rain or snow.

This classic Victorian house is called "The Woodshed" and is the image which is most associated with Sea Cliff.  I have photographed it before, but never in weather like this.

I love that this tree, which is the only one that still has leaves on it, has the only color in the scene.

I walked some of the narrow streets in my journey, which was fun, because I met a number of people who were shoveling their driveways, and since the road was so narrow, there was no way not to say "hello" and chat for a bit.  This house was stunning in its color scheme, which might not have been so obvious, had the snow not surrounded it completely.

Lastly, as I walked down my street at the end of my walk, I saw this wrought iron railing, that just jumped out at me, because it was seen against snow, as well as being covered in snow. I hope I have provided enough variety for you.


Anonymous said...

WOW! So many beautiful photos in one day.I did not step out in blizzard conditions, I watched from inside.

Ken Spencer said...

Hi Joan: It is a good thing I am a photographer, or I might have stayed indoors during the storm! But I needed to go out and clear the driveway as well, with my new snowblower. When I got down to the end, I noticed three other people clearing their driveways the hard way, and so went down and made short work of it with my toy.

Anonymous said...

beautiful images lone and showy maple shot, very poetic. hibernating grasses, shoreline contrast of tranquil snow and churning waters, pastels in winter, and iron in ice

Anonymous said...

Nice to see so many photos. The house reminds me of the Mark Twain house in Hartford. Love the water shot! bsk