Wednesday, February 1, 2017

At the Salon...

This is Lucia's salon, where I have been coming to get my hair cut for ages, it seems.  I was sitting in the chair talking with Lucia, and we were trying to figure out how long I have been coming here.  Probably close to twenty years.  Kathy visited Lucia at the suggestion of a friend and I followed her there as well.  I usually go on Saturdays when it is crowded with women speaking Italian, and Spanish and English, and I enjoy just watching all the activity.  This week I went on a Wednesday and it was much quieter, and so I thought I would ask if I could take a picture of  Paola, Lucia and Janet, and they agreed.  It seems so important sometimes, to photograph life as it is, because life changes, and it is really nice to have a record of a moment in time.

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