Friday, February 24, 2017

Street Food

I was walking the twenty-three blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art down to the subway at 59th street at the end of my day in the city.  I was also hungry.  As I walk down 5th Avenue, I continue to look for photographs and I am never disappointed.  I saw this food vendor and his customers from some distance away and got the camera ready.  I love the sense of life on the street in this photograph. After taking the photo I walked by, and that's when I got the aroma of something that was delicious!  But I had a train to catch, and couldn't stop and take the time to eat.


ken schwarz said...

This is classic New York City - I especially like the scene with lights on the food cart and late afternoon light in the city!

Ken Spencer said...

Primo: thanks! I did think that the picture was about the light.