Thursday, April 7, 2011

Always Stop!

I was coming back home from running an errand, and as I drove by Scudder's Pond, I caught a glimpse of a white shore bird standing in the water, and reflected in the water, because it was so calm. I kept driving. What a dolt! About a hundred yards later I finally thought to turn around. Grabbed the camera and the scene was sublime! The original bird was no where to be seen, but fortunately there was another bird, in a different part of the pond, and that completed the picture. The subtle colors and delicate textures in the background are what the photograph is all about, in my opinion. Please click on the photo - I posted an extra large file so you can see all the detail.


Anonymous said...

Lovely & Peaceful!

Anonymous said...

Calm and "soft". Cannot decide which photo I like best - this one or the previous showing the ducks...both are lovely to look at. bsk