Saturday, April 16, 2011


I went to the Northeast Astronomy Forum today up in Rockland county. It is in a giant field house at a college, jam packed with every imaginable kind of telescope, eyepiece, telescope mount, imaging camera and accessory any amateur astronomer would ever want. There were also lectures all day by professional and amateur astronomers on imaging and cosmology and various other subjects. They did have a number of activities just for children, which involved astronomy. And then there was this. They had an organization who brought in 5 raptors to display, and they demonstrated the birds for the kids and let the birds fly around the field house. So I came face to face with this European Eagle Owl, which was bread in captivity. What a stunning visage!


ken schwarz said...

By dead reckoning from a previous post, this must be your 1500th blog photo. Congratulations on this achievement and especially for the journey of visual and mind stimulation your fans and I have enjoyed during the past four years. I am looking forward to the next 1500 blog shots with your educational and interesting commentary. Great Job!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photo. What a wonder nature brings to us.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous creature! bsk