Sunday, April 17, 2011

OK, THIS was cool!

OK, I need to beg your indulgence here. You remember yesterday's post? Late this afternoon I went back over to the raptor display to look at the birds again, and found out that for a small donation, you could be photographed holding your favorite raptor! Oh man! So I decided to do that. Here is the cool part - they give me a leather glove for my left hand, and brought the owl over and put her on the glove, and then hooked a little leash to the glove, so she couldn't take off. After the handler placed her there and let go, the owl flapped its wings a couple of times to get her balance. It was astounding to feel the wind that her wings made as one wing passed just over my head! She looks heavy, but she is a bird, and is surprisingly light in weight. I have to tell you, it was a thrill to have her so close to me, and to hold her long enough to have our picture taken together!


Anonymous said...

So glad you donated for the cause. Photo of both of you gives us a better perspective of size. Neat experience...bsk

Anonymous said...

Lucky Boy!