Friday, April 22, 2011

Checking Me Out

The kitties are so cute! I started upstairs, and saw this. Then the problem was, would they move if I went back down the stairs and slowly went to the living room to get my toy camera. I moved REALLY slowly, and was in luck. When I got back with the toy camera, they were still there - perhaps what I was doing made them curious, especially when I sat on one of the lower stairs to get this angle. Fortunately they didn't move while I took three or four shots. I love how they mirror each other in the direction they are facing and how their tails are.


Anonymous said...

You captured a terrific shot of two very regal looking kitties!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture. Adorable cats. Are they from the same litter? They look identical.

Ken Spencer said...

They are sisters, and, believe it or not, I cannot tell them apart. Everyone else we know can, however... :-)