Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lunch On The Porch

Yesterday was warm enough so I decided to have lunch on the porch for the first time this year. Bundled up with a jacket on, of course. I made a sandwich and put it on a plate and poured a glass of soda and went out to the porch. I set the soda and plate on the floor while I went to get the small wicker table to put my lunch on. But then I looked down, and saw this spray of light, caused by the sunlight shining through the glass of soda. Wow, what a cool looking pattern of light! So I grabbed my camera, photographed this 4 different ways, and picked this one. I like that it is not obvious what this is at first. Oh, then I ate my lunch.


Anonymous said...

Very strange looking. Glad you described what it was - I never would have guessed!

Anonymous said...

This photo looks more like something you would have shot at your astronomy meeting. If you made us guess, I would not have figured it out! bsk