Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stupid Cyclists!

This is a rant, so if you want to skip it, please feel free to do so. This is a group of cyclists who we run into every Sunday. They are riding on the back roads, which we take to get to church in Westbury. The law says that cyclists must ride no more than two abreast. Guess what... Do these guys look like they are two abreast? The pack takes up the entire lane from side to side, and there is no way to get around them. I have tried to pass at times, and they just will not move over. I guess it is the mob mentality - they are in a pack and gain strength in their numbers. So it is annoying, and I slow to a crawl, and follow them until they turn off after several miles.

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Anonymous said...

ARe you serious? How many cyclists really know it's the law to ride two abreast?
If they're breaking the law, call the police. They're obstructing traffic and causing a dangerous situation not only for themselves but for drivers who will want to make up time or try something stupid to get around them.
My guess is the cops will take their time getting there and the bicyclists will be gone before anyone can tell them what the law is.
I think you should get one of those Nerf Super Soakers and squirt them from behind. If they conveerge on your car, you can cite the law to them. I'm sure they'll appreciate your lesson. Or they'll teach you one.