Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Sky Was On Fire

I decided to go down to Sea Cliff Beach, to watch the sunset, in hopes I might find a photograph.  I was thinking that maybe I could get the sun reflecting off the water or something like that.  But the disk of the sun was behind the clouds.  What I got instead was the appearance that the sky was on fire.  I'll take that instead!  Water, boats and the sky.  How can you loose?


ken schwarz said...

Beautiful photograph! I am struck by the tranquility of the sailboat resting quietly at it's mooring with the hope that the red evening sky above will bring good sailing weather to some lucky sailor tomorrow. As for the sailboat; this picture is making me crazy. By all appearances from the rig, hull and deck house, this is a J-Boat. But I can't make a positive ID. A J-92 (30') comes close but the stem and stern profiles aren't quite right for this class. So your homework is to break out the telephone lens and get some closeups so we can try and pin down the builder of this very pretty water toy!

ken schwarz said...

Oops - "telephoto" was the word I intended to type.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous sky - love it! bsk