Saturday, July 20, 2013

White Swan Black Water

I like this photo because it is different from what I usually see and shoot.  It's just a single swan, but I was on a raised boardwalk above a pond, so I got to look almost directly down on the swan.  And of course this is infrared once again.  The swan looks the same, but the water is jet black because it does not reflect any infrared light.  I like the graphics of the photo - a simple form and fairly dramatic. So here was the unsettling part - do you see how one black webbed foot it sticking out from under the white feathers?  I was worried that the bird was injured.  But eventually the swan started swimming away, and the foot disappeared into the water and seemed to be swimming properly.  Whew!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Beautifully seen and use of the infrared here makes a striking photograph!

Anonymous said...

Using the one webbed foot as a rudder...? I do like the simplicity of this one. bsk