Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Won't Work

So all of my infrared photographs were taken so far, with a specially modified camera, where you look through the viewfinder normally, and shoot the picture.  But there is another way that sometimes works - you buy a special filter for the front of the lens, that only lets IR light through, and use it on a regular camera,   A friend bought the filter, so tonight I tried it on my new Canon camera.  The filter is so dark you can't even see through it to compose the image!  And the exposure time, late in the day, was on the order of 30 seconds!  I tried a couple of shots and realized that this would never work for me.  But I did get this strange looking color photograph and it did have an interesting feeling to it, so here it is.


Anonymous said...

Send this to an astronomical magazine, titling it as "My mansion after the Sun goes to the red giant stage."


Ken Spencer said...

THAT made me laugh out loud! Thanks!