Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Beginning and the End

We drove to Rochester today for Thanksgiving week. We started out on a gorgeous day and what was stunning to see was a landscape of so many beautiful shades of brown against the shades of gray in both trees and rocks along our route. Stands of bare gray trees were lit from the side by a low sun shining in a clear sky.  It was impossible to stop and take photographs because of the roads we were on.  So I will hold those images in my mind. 

Four hours into the trip, just about at Gridleyville Crossing Road, in Candor, we ran into the first of the snow squalls which we would drive into and out of, all the rest of the way to Rochester.  It was beautiful to drive in the snow, with high winds blowing snow across the road in waves. Quite a change from the day we started out in.


Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the clear day-the road never ending and the mountains in the background. You've captured how picturesque the road to Rochester is! Trace

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks Trace! I like that photo as well. I think that it is a more subtle landscape, and it is so nice that you saw the special quality in this image.