Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Magic of the Telescope

Yesterday I told you about having to get up early.  So this was the purpose of it all - to bring my telescopes and accessories used to demonstrate how lenses and mirrors work, and then how telescopes work.  I have done this a number of times before, but this time, the teacher asked about how the children could look through the telescope.  So I found a photograph of the planet Saturn, and we pasted it on a wall at the end of a hallway about 100 feet away.  The children were blown away when they looked into the eyepiece, and the picture of Saturn was magnified, and they could see it in great detail.  Look how much this student is enjoying the view!


Jackie said...

This is so great is so many ways....Made me smile.

Anonymous said...

You never know what will influence a person along the path of life - she could be the next Maria Mitchell...bsk