Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eating Patty's Sandwich

So here's a funny story.  Patty decided to take the Jitney back to Manhattan for the day, so Amy and I drove her to the bus.  There wasn't much time before the bus left so Amy and I went to the bakery to get breakfast to take back to the house, and something for Patty to eat on the bus.  Only she wanted a bacon and egg sandwich.  Only thing is, it took 20 minutes to get, and the bus had left before we got back to it.  So...  We brought the sandwich back to the house, and Amy and Phillip decided to eat Patty's  sandwich, while taking a picture of them eating it!  Then they texted the picture to Patty, who was on the bus, and starving, with no breakfast!  These two are such kidders!


Anonymous said...

Amy and Phillip are enjoying Patty's sandwich way too much by the smiles on their faces. Poor Patty - I hope she survived the trip to Manhattan!

Ken Spencer said...

This is so funny, isn't it! It cracks me up, that they needed to remind her that she never got the sandwich! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute shot and story :-) Love the sunglasses draped on the ship picture. Very handy! bsk