Thursday, October 6, 2016

Halloween Comes Early!

This looks strange, which is the whole point of why I took this photo.  We had another Moon and planet watch at the Cradle of Aviation this evening, with members of two astronomy clubs there with their telescopes.  This is my friend Linda and her automated telescope.  The telescope is expected to be used at night, for the most part, and the problem is that the controller for the telescope is a computer tablet.  But since we were setting up in bright daylight, she had trouble reading her tablet.  I said "I have just the answer for you!"  I went to the car and found a "dark cloth" in my trunk.  Dark cloths are used with 4x5 view cameras, in order to compose and focus an image.  So with this draped over her, and her controller, she was able to get her telescope working.

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Anonymous said...

Very Clever! :-)