Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Rare White Ivy

I thought I would show you some rare, white ivy.  OK, there is no such thing as white ivy.  I was using my air compressor and spray gun today, to paint some lattice which will be replacing old lattice under the front porch.  After I was done spraying, I needed to clean the spray gun so I added solvent, and went off to the side of the garage to spray the solvent to clean the sprayer.  I ended up spraying the ivy, and then I realized that might make an interesting photo.  It is kind of ghostly, I think.


Anonymous said...

I love the colors - looks very cool! bsk

Anonymous said...

I dislike how invasive ivy is. Maybe I'd like it better in white. Wonder if spraying them a different color would kill them. It would be interesting to have ground cover that hearty yet colorful - pinks, lavenders, blues, yellows - which might be possible with a little paint. I'm not a gardener, so does anyone know whether this would work?

Ken Spencer said...

We depend on the ivy here to cover sloped ground, to prevent erosion. We have steep slopes in the front of the house down to the street, and in the back yard, from our lawn uphill to a neighbor's fence. This particular ivy grew off a short cement retaining wall next to the garage. I should have trimmed this before it came down the wall and started growing on the ground. Having said that, I was a bit to agressive trying to kill off some poison ivy, using poison ivy spray by one of the well-known herbicide makers. It killed off some small areas of the ivy. So if your object is to kill the ivy, spray the Poison Ivy spray on it, and that should do it in.