Thursday, October 20, 2016


I am whipped!  Sorry I am so exhausted that this is the best photograph that I could come up with today.  These tails are the new aircraft livery of American Airlines.  Sorry for almost leaving this out!  I flew out of LaGuardia to Chicago O'Hare, then after a layover, flew to Phoenix, rented a car, an drove for two and one-half hours up to Flagstaff, where I arrived at 9 PM.  Tired of sitting all day long.  I did manage to get this at O'Hare, I think.  I promise better photographs for the rest of the week.  Better, I guess, if you love astronomy and telescopes!  

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Anonymous said...

I remember when Braniff Airlines put colorful planes on the runway. It was fun to see them at the airport. That was a long time ago - when it was a pleasure to fly. Have a great trip!