Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Class Portrait

Every year since I forget when, I have been doing the "class portrait" of the group of people who attend the Antique Telescope Society Convention.  Sometimes it is really difficult to find a place where there are steps to separate the rows by height, and then I need nice, soft lighting.  Late this afternoon it all came together, and the result is nice.  I have been coming to this convention for over 20 years, and so many of these people are now my good friends.  It is always wonderful to arrive at the gathering and say "hello" to people I haven't seen in a year.  And then each year, there are wonderful conversations with members I may not have met before and we connect over shared interests.


Photodude Images said...

Once you retire, you don't ever want to say "since I forget when". The next thing you know they will be putting you in a home.

Ken Spencer said...

Dude! Point well taken! "I have taken the class portrait for the last twelve years." :-)