Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Student Scientists!

This is a really cool story!  One of our members is a STEM coach at her school, and she and a 6th grade science teacher in a middle school challenged some of their students to come up with a project for "SSEP" - Student Spaceflight Experiment Program.  These 6 young men come up with a student science project that was sent to the International Space Station!  That was two years ago because there were delays in the delivery to the ISS.  You can see the title of their project on the screen.  These kids are really smart!  They came to our meeting tonight to give a presentation about their project and they were really impressive.  I took a couple of different photographs of them and couldn't decide which photograph I like the best.  Maybe the formal portrait in the planetarium is best.  But I loved it when their teacher did a portrait of them with her cellphone. 


Anonymous said...

Great guest speakers! What was their conclusion? --Stan

Anonymous said...

Would love to have seen a shot of these young scientists in a group shot with their adult audience. More often, the older generations are the guest speakers. This was an interesting role reversal. I like formal shot of them - the one of them seated looks like they're in detention, although they are all smiles.

Ken Spencer said...

At the request of the teachers, I actually took a photograph of the young scientists, surrounded by the members of ASLI who were at the meeting. I guess I should have included it... Duh!