Monday, October 10, 2016

Pickup Sticks

I was reaching up into the cupboard over the stove for a coffee filter.  I accidentally bumped an open box of thin spaghetti which then tumbled forward, with the open end down, and in an instant the spaghetti was all over the kitchen floor!  So, how to pick it up?  I got a piece of typewriter paper, and slid it under the pieces of spaghetti, and cleaned it up in no time!  And what did I do it with the pasta?  I put the box and the spaghetti back on the shelf.  The theory is, that if I am going to boil the pasta for 10 minutes, I probably don't have to worry about anything that might be on the pasta from the floor.  So do you still want to come to our house to eat?   :-)


Anonymous said...

You are too funny. It is dry pasta so what could stick to it? If you dropped the cooked pasta on the floor, I would not be joining you for dinner.

ken schwarz said...

A great example of "yankee ingenuity" to scoop up spilled spaghetti off the floor using a sheet of paper.
And I would absolutely eat the spaghetti, especially with a rich meat sauce - yum! And two or three slices of warm garlic bread would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yuck. You have cats. That means there are most likely cat hairs on the floor, unless you just scrubbed the area before the spaghetti spill. A one-pound box of spaghetti costs $1 or less on sale. Throw out the spilled pasta!

Anonymous said...

First thing I thought of: did you tell Kathy about this mishap? I thought it was kind of funny that you might have cleaned up your "mess" but didn't divulge it...bsk