Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Illuminated Man

I had a fun day today.  My friend Stan and his wife Ann invited me to join them out at the Parrish Museum to look at art for the day.  I will show you photographs and talk about the new Parrish Art Museum in Watermill in a later post.  There is one work of art in this gallery that consists of three sets of fluorescent bulbs standing vertically, along one wall of the room.  As I stepped into this gallery, there was a man standing there and as I raised my camera to take a shot, he turned and walked away!  Then I remembered that Stan was nearby.  "Go stand there, please," I told him,  And I was able to recreate the photo that I saw.  I just love this shot, because it is never anything I would have thought of - I had to SEE it, and then my response was instantaneous.


Anonymous said...

Ken, nice shot, and not just because I'm in it. -- Stan

Anonymous said...

Very interesting shot. Glad you could recreate it with Stan. Look forward to more about the museum.