Saturday, November 23, 2019


When I posted the photograph of the fisherman in the water at sunset, someone sent me an email saying how cold that looked.  It actually was not cold that day, and I thought the warm light on the marsh grasses made it look warm.  Several days later I saw this scene.  The wind was 23 mph gusting to 33 mph and walking straight into the wind on the way back from my walk was cold!  So I took this photograph, and I think that THIS photograph looks cold!  Does this look cold to you?


ken schwarz said...

How about "bleak"? While viewing your photo my thoughts went to a mug of hot chocolate!

Anonymous said...

The earth is so beautiful. You've done a great job of capturing the rich colors of the sky at sunset and the energy of the ocean. Trace

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you both! It is beautiful, and it is bleak, and it does make me want a mug of hot chocolate, my favorite drink at this time of year.