Friday, November 1, 2019

Walking on a Rainy Day III

I warned you that I shot a lot of photographs when I went for my walk in the rain the other day.  My Jack O'Lantern interrupted posting these pictures, but now I am back to my walk photographs.  There is a large group of rowers who I think are students, based on the other side of the harbor.  On this day I saw a total of 5 eight-oared shells and two coaches in outboard motor boats.  Photographing these rowers was really interesting on a gray, foggy, rainy day.  I love the atmosphere  on days like this.


Anonymous said...

It surprised me to see the bright yellow shell and colorful clothing. I guess it pops with everything else so grey and muted.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the bright hull and their colorful shirts or else they would fade into the fog...betsey

Ken Spencer said...

Part of it is that I was using a long telephoto lens, and the shell is closer to me - Sands Point is WAY in the background, so the fog mutes all the colors in the distance, but doesn't mute all the colors of the rowers and the boat.