Saturday, November 16, 2019

Dining Al fresco

We were walking down Madison Avenue, from the Met Breuer to a gallery, and stumbled across this!  So cute, two red bears dining Al fresco!  I guess they are waiting for the waiter.  Funny that the table has not been set yet.  Very clever thing to attract attention to passers by, don't you think.  This is a well-known restaurant in the city, so I am guessing that most of the people who come here already know about it.  But it made this tourist smile.


ken schwarz said...

I saw your photo of the two bears sitting outside Nello's restaurant without shirts on and it got me wondering. Had they just eaten at the restaurant? So I Googled Nello to check out the menu. Wow! Nello is not bashful on pricing. I made an assumption that the two bears shared one bottle of wine and then each ordered the same thing for each course:

Wine: Gavi dei Gavi White Wine 1 bottle @ $175
Antipasti Course: Lobster Bisque Soup 2 @ $45 = $90
Primi: Gnocchi 2 @ $46 = $92
Secondo: Capesante (grilled scallpos) 2 @ $59 = $118
New York City Tax @ $41.56
Tip @ 20% = 95.00
Total for two Italian Meals at Nello = 611.56

It's no wonder the bears are outside without shirts - they lost their shirts inside!

Ken Spencer said...

Primo! This is hysterical! Nice going! You made me laugh out loud! In fact, I did google the restaurant, and checked it out and learned that it was VERY expensive! But I love your detailed menu, and the total bill, and you made me laugh with "...they lost their shirts inside!"