Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Would You Like to Work Here?

I love looking at construction projects all over the city.  Lately there are a large number of really tall skyscrapers under construction.  Manhattan is like boomtown these days!  Most of the tower cranes I have seen have the tower contained within the building under construction, so it can reach the outer walls at each floor.  But this crane is way out there by itself.  As you can see, there are braces holding the crane to the structure, but still...  I get dizzy just looking at it!  I did a search, and a couple of references I saw suggested that tower crane operators are paid a LOT of money!  And looking at where they work, you can see why.  My main question is, how does the operator get all the way up there?  That is a LONG way to climb!


Anonymous said...

Working on those skyscrapers looks incredibly scary and dangerous. I also like the older building in front of the skyscraper with the green trim on it. It's creative with a lot of detail on it. Trace

Anonymous said...

No, I would not want to be a crane operator. I get dizzy just looking at it. Glad to see the braces attached to the building. I know there have been a few crane collapses on much smaller buildings. I like my feet on the ground.

Anonymous said...

I know I couldn't be a crane operator. TOO scary up that high. I think you have to hang around the building site to see if you can chat with an operator to find out how they get to the top...Glad that Tracey noticed the building in front. It really is an architectural gem with all that detail. betsey