Saturday, May 28, 2011

Announcing: "Saratoga Springs Week."

We are in Saratoga Springs for a wedding, and I have been wandering all over the place with my camera, and have a bushel basket of photographs so far, and it is only day one! This is good news. I spent several hours in Saratoga Spa State Park, which, as you will come to see, is an astounding and beautiful place. On the way out I stumbled across this site. It is called Geyser Island Spouter. Like many of the springs around the area, there are "spouters" that are springs spurting out of the ground. In this case, as I understand it, the water from the spring contains carbonate materials, and after shooting out of the ground, the minerals precipitate where the water falls down, and this amazing formation results after millions of years. It appears to be a rock, but is far too smooth, and when you see it from across the creek, you can see how it was formed. It is an astounding thing to come across unexpectedly. I have posted a larger than normal file - please click on it to see more detail.


Anonymous said...

Pretty picture! Looks like a peaceful place. Tracey

Ken Spencer said...

It is a BEAUTIFUL place! There are something like 2500 acres here, with pavilions set up in some areas, and great lawns and amazing architecture (stay tuned...) and then beautiful natural settings. I was blown away!