Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pat & Libby

It has been a couple of exhausting days, with the baby shower and visiting family and friends, and Mother's day. People to go see here and there, and visitors in the house. Tonight the men of the house prepared dinner for the women - we were awesome! :-) Anyhow, this is Pat, the father of the baby-to-be after a long day, taking a nap with their dog Liberty, after supper tonight. Libby looks quite content. Pat is pretty savvy when it comes to being around me when I am in my photographer mode. After two clicks, he turned his head toward me and smiled. I was busted! But I got my shot.


Anonymous said...

Very special moments!!!

Anonymous said...

In short time, he will be sleeping on the couch with a baby sleeping on him, soothed by a daddy's heartbeat and gentle breathing. That's the picture to capture!

Ken Spencer said...

I can't wait to take THAT picture! Thanks!