Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shark Week

Oh, I mean "Fern Week." I don't even know what "Shark Week" is, but Craig Ferguson is always talking about it. Must be something on cable TV. I ain't got no cable. Anyhow, it rained some this afternoon, and then the sun came out. I noticed a shaft of light on a small grouping of ferns under the Japanese maple tree, then I noticed long shadows on the front lawn, and the ferns I photographed yesterday were backlit. So I set to work seeing what I could find. It seems there were interesting compositions everywhere. So I decided to try having "Fern Week" this week. Like "Shark Week" only different. I swill see how many different fern photos I can take. This photo was taken yesterday, and it was not raining. I choose this one because it is so dramatically different from yesterday's post.

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