Friday, May 13, 2011

The Traditional View

The other day I spoke of trying to photograph Montauk Light in a different way, and shot through brambles. Great for testing the creativity, but not as interesting a photograph, perhaps. So this is one of two other views I did of the lighthouse, after I shot the brambles. It is one of the classic views, but in order to do it, you need to know that this vantage point exists - up on the bluff west of the lighthouse, and then you need to claw your way through brush and brambles - the trails are not well known or used. Then you move out toward the cliff, being careful to not get too close to the edge - the cliffs in this area are undermined from erosion. Then you take the photographs, and fight your way back to level ground, and then you look for ticks! I found three, after carefully checking, and I went over each piece of clothing several times. But guess what - it was WORTH it. Isn't this a beautiful view? NOTE: BLOGGER HAS BEEN OUT OF SERVICE FOR NEARLY A WHOLE DAY BECAUSE OF TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. That's why this post is so late. Thanks to those of you who emailed to ask if I was OK.

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Anonymous said...

You do go above and beyond to give us a photo each day. Thank you. Nice photo.