Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fern Week 7

"Fern Week 7" - Wow, that means that Fern Week is drawing to a close. Are you tired of ferns yet? I think I may be... This is the last photo showing the underside of a frond. I don't see anything in particular under the individual parts of the frond, but I was amazed to see how hairy the stalk and branches are. A lot of this depends on the lighting, but it really stands out here. Please click on it to see it in a larger size, which enables you to see more detail.


Photodude Images said...

I will miss fern week. Is next week dandelion week?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your week of ferns and the variety of photos.

Ken Spencer said...

Mike: LOVED your comment - it left me laughing out loud! Wow, "Dandelion Week..." Hmmmmm... never thought of that one.