Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Realm of the Galaxies

OK you are going to look at this post and think that I am loosing it! I went out east to Custer Institute last night to do some observing, and got home at 3 AM - that's why this post is late. I was trying out a new device I have called an "Astro Trac" which attaches to a tripod, and you put a camera on it, and it will allow the camera to follow the stars for long exposures. The part of the sky in this photograph is called "The Realm of the Galaxies." Even in a modest amateur telescope you can see galaxy after galaxy, side by side. It is an amazing experience. OK, so here is the weird part - you can't SEE any galaxies in this photo! Duh! Please click on this though, and it will open in a larger window so you can see a sky full of stars. At the top center of the photo is an open cluster of stars called "Coma Bernices" which translates to "Bernice's Hair." The Realm of Galaxies and Coma are both seen behind the tail end of the constellation Leo "The Lion." The three stars making up the right triangle to the right center of the photo make up the rear end of Leo.

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thank you so very much!!!! that is VERY cool!!!