Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Christmas in New York

The title of this post is intentionally a tease. The answer is simple: Today we took a helicopter tour of Manhattan, which was a Christmas gift from Liz and Amy. We got the gift at Christmas, but waited for warmer weather before scheduling this flight. It was very cool, as all helicopter flights are. I have flown around Manhattan in helicopters a number of times over the years. This was Kathy's first flight, and she found the liftoff and initial climb a real thrill. Suddenly you watch the ground fall away, without having to speed down a runway, and generally you are not that far from buildings on takeoff and landing, so it is an impressive experience the first time. The views, of course were spectacular. I have several photographs, but chose this one as being the most immediately recognizable.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing overview. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a creative Christmas Gift! Glad you enjoyed - great photo.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Christmas gift! Experiences and memories last a lifetime. Photos remind us along the way. bsk