Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saratoga Spa

This is a photograph of one of the buildings at Saratoga Spa State Park. Saratoga became famous for the various springs that flow from underground. In the 1930s Theodore Roosevelt decided that the area should be developed to attract tourism. Funds were used to develop bath houses. research facilities and a drink hall. That's funny, the term "drink hall" because that's what it is, but they only drank the spring water! This building included a drink hall. I was lucky to have this amazing sky, with thunderstorms in the distance just when I was there. There is a restaurant operating there at present. It is wonderful that these buildings are preserved. The brick arches cover walkways so people could walk or rest in chairs in all weather conditions.

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Anonymous said...

I took a mineral bath at the Springs several years ago - DEEP tubs so you're in water up to your neck. The mineral water was slightly bubbly and discolored, of course. I loved it! Relaxing...bsk