Thursday, June 9, 2011

Historic Saltbox

I have photographed this historic saltbox house in Roslyn before. You might remember seeing it from its end, with a traffic light in front of it. Today I was coming from a different direction, and saw this view while stopped at a light. I parked the car and came back with my camera - no shooting while moving this time! I keep looking at this, and can't explain why I like this shot. Something about a sense of this house kind of hidden in the shadows. Maybe it doesn't translate to the photo, though.


Bunny said...

I love this photo. It's the clean lines of the beaded siding (hand done I'm sure) the light on the shingles and the round stone wall giving geometric contrast. The light and the dark are just wonderful. I'm impressed how your eye sees the lovely, but can't discern the why. A true artist at work!!!!! (or play).

Ken Spencer said...

Bunny: Thanks for letting me know that there really WAS a reason for me to shoot this... :-) So much of what I do is intuitive. If I had to stop and consider every step of the way, I am afraid that the intelectual process would get in the way of just "feeling" the shot.

Anonymous said...

I like this photo for the weathered color of the house with the bright greenery and, of course, the old stone walls. bsk