Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Tea Brewer

I spent today building my new tea brewer. This setup will brew a LOT of tea - 30 gallons worth, to be exact. Wait, Ken, that looks like the bottom of a garbage can. You are right! In the bottom is an air-distribution manifold that I constructed from PVC. But why do you need to inject air into your tea? Because it is not Lipton Tea I am brewing, but rather "Compost Tea." I will be using it on my lawn, and the hope is that after 40 years, I can finally cure the bare spots in the back yard and side yard I read about this on the Harvard University website, so the process is well researched. I will report back in a year to let you how it worked out.


Photodude Images said...

Wow, so Harvard is posting lawn tips from Larry the head groundskeeper. What will be next? Recipes from Edna, the head cook in the student dining room? Is nothing sacred?

Ken Spencer said...

No, this is WAY more complicated than that. The compost tea was an experiment that was put together to try and keep grass growing in the Harvard Yard, which gets trampled to death. They contacted a couple of scientists and the transformation in the health of the lawn was just stunning. Now my lawn is going to be that gorgeous as well. Or not. :-)