Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today was Kathy's birthday, so we went to a nice Italian Restaurant to celebrate. It was a delicious dinner, from the bruschetta to the salad, to the main course and to the dessert. Ah, the dessert... Tiramisu. One of my all time favorites. When it arrived, its presentation was just stunning! I mentioned that I wished I had my camera with me. I had broken Rule Number One - ALWAYS BRING THE CAMERA! Kathy said: "I have a camera - I have my iPhone with me!" So I borrowed it, and here is my photo for the day. Is this an awesome presentation, or what!


Anonymous said...

Awsome! Hope the Birthday Girl had dessert too. Good thing she has a new iphone! :-) I am shocked you did not have a camera!

Anonymous said...

Your photo makes me want to make some tiramisu - looks delicious!
Great presentation.
Happy Birthday, again, to Kathy. bsk