Monday, May 7, 2012


Let's get this straight right away - this dandelion is NOT growing on my lawn... I went for a walk around Sea Cliff with Jo Anne and I spotted this down near the water, so I stopped to photograph it. I was thinking I wanted to show the whole flower, or whatever they call it when it has gone to seed. It looked nice - this perfect white ball against the green weeds out-of-focus behind it. But I cropped into the image to see how it looked, and it seemed so much more dramatic, so I have chosen to show this version. What an astounding thing this flower is, with all its detail and delicacy.


Anonymous said...

The pattern reminds Sam of a globular star cluster or of an explosion of fireworks. Funny how patterns in nature are so often similar... .

A whole bowl of Cheerios fell to the kitchen floor- same pattern, but not so pretty... .

Photodude Images said...

Very cool perspective.

Ken Spencer said...

It is funny how when I first saw this, I envisioned it as a photograph showing the whole flower, and some background. But it is always worth trying some cropping to see if I can create something different than what I first thought.