Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The T-Shaped Doorway

So I am getting to the end of the Chaco photographs. But I took so many interesting images, that I hate to stop posting them, and then have to look for interesting things in my back yard. So this is one of the most famous parts of Pueblo Bonito - the T-Shaped Doorway. No one knows why they built this doorway this way. I saw it suggested that it might be for people carrying large loads. The flaw in that theory is, that this doorway can only be reached by passing trhough smaller doorways in any direction that you approach it from. But it is a stunning thing to see, with more doorways in the distance, leading to room after room. This particular view is the most iconic image from Pueblo Bonito, and is featured in almost every book about Chaco Culture Historical Site. Isn't the stone work stunning? It is incredible how carefully the stones are shaped and fitted in these structures, given how long ago they were constructed.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stone work and wonderful lighting.

Anonymous said...

I picture myself sitting on one side with you on the other just chatting about the stone work and all thebeauty and mystery that surrounds us... bsk

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks to you both for your comments. When I am this excited about a place, it is so nice to know that others appreciate these things as much as I do.