Friday, August 9, 2013

After Edward Hopper

After dinner the other night, the sun was still up, so I drove to downtown Springfield, VT to look for photographs.  There are some old factories that are there - more on this another day - and then I saw the late afternoon sun on these two homes on Main Street.  They caught my eye right away because of the light on them, and it felt as if the lighting was similar to that in so many paintings by Edward Hopper.  It's funny, there was no question about composition with this image.  Sometimes I look around for 15 minutes and try different things, but not for this photo.  It felt right just like this.

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Unknown said...

Great photo...definitely Hopperesque, but not what he painted in Vermont. Do you know Hopper's Vermont works? If not, see my web site / blog, and my book, "Edward Hopper in Vermont." I'll be intersted to know what you think! Cheers, Bonnie Tocher Clause