Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Nap, and The Rain

So I was in the Hartness House astronomy workshop all day today, and there were wonderful presenters from all over the United States, talking about solar astronomy.  But all day in a room listening to lectures does make one sleepy at the end of the day.  So I headed out to the car during the start of the cocktail hour, to grab 40 winks.  I woke up with the rain pouring down on the car - I could barely see 50 feet the rain was so heavy.  I thought, "Well, I guess I either will miss cocktails, or get soaked" so I stayed in the car and waited for the rain to stop.  Suddenly, as the rain was ending I saw this out my car window.  I quickly rolled down the window, and shot two frames, and then the rays of the sun were gone, as the last of the rain stopped.  I lucked out!

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Anonymous said...

Sam's glad you risked it all and got this restful shot!