Saturday, August 31, 2013


Jenga!  Never heard of it.  But it is one of the games at Captain Dusty's in Montauk.  So Amy got it out and we played it.  What a killer game!  It is a lot of fun, because speed and quick perception is not part of the game.  It involves contemplation, and more importantly, dexterity of the hands.  The game consists of piles of blocks, three on a level, and you need to remove one block at each turn, and place it on the top.  So the collection of blocks gets both taller and less stable as the game progresses. You can use only one hand to move the blocks.  And then at some point, the whole thing collapses, and the person who did it loses.

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Photodude Images said...

Ken you went to college to early. Jenga's popularity grew with the growth of the popularity of marijuana. In fact, I recently read that game now comes with a coupon for a free dime bag of weed in Washington and Colorado where it is now legal.