Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Magic Landscape

The nice thing about the house in Montauk is that there is essentially no TV.  So at night we sit around and read or, more likely, play some board games or card games.  I happened to look outside the living room window and saw the reflection of some of those icicle lights in the window.  Only it was still light out, so while we played on, I kept an eye on the window.  Finally it was dark enough outside, and I managed to shoot this.


Anonymous said...

At first glance, I thought this was a reflection of a large gathering of people at a candlelight ceremony.

But no TV? I'd have withdrawal issues. As soneone who grew up on TV, I'd be lost without it. Even if it's just to hear the news at night, it makes me feel connected to the world. As for its entertainment value - can't beat it! Want a laugh? Watch "The Big Bang Theory." Want exqquisitely-acted drama? Watch "Downton Abbey" or other PBS offerings. Want a what's-this-world-made-of experience? Watch some of the zany reality shows on BRAVO or other cable channels. Let's not knock TV. It may not be the most refined culture, but it's a solid part of uncensored American culture and for many of us, it can be as engrossing as the museums, broadway shows and concerts we attend.

Ken Spencer said...

I certainly was not knocking TV - I am addicted to it! But there is internet out there, and so I could check the NY Times online for news. And it was a wonderful feeling to sit around without my favorite programs, and to just enjoy each other's company, and have fun while playing games. (I was CRUSHED in one of the games, and did well in the other... :-)