Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Ditch Witch

This is the Ditch Witch.  "Ditch" because it is at the beach at Ditch Plains. But I don't know why it is called "Witch."  But this trailer which has coffee and sandwiches and soda, ice cream, and other goodies to eat, is legendary on the East End of Long Island.  It has been here forever.  I spoke to the young man who was serving food, and he said that he first came here when he was three years old, I assume with his dad.  I forgot to ask.  I can confirm that they do have great coffee, however.  I do think that this photo captures the feeling of summer at the beach.  Please click on this to see more detail, and notice the surfboard standing on the left hand side of the trailer.  Ditch Plains is THE place for surfing on the East End.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a play on words: "witch" rhymes with "ditch" amd phonetically it sounds like "wich," as in "sandwich." You wrote that sandwiches are served there. And, they're located in a sort of sand ditch. Just a possible explanation for the name, "Ditch Witch."

Ken Spencer said...

I did a little digging, and then remembered that I had heard of an excavating device for digging trenches in the ground for installing utilities. That's where I first heard of the name "Ditch Witch." But that doesn't explain where the name of the the food vending trailer came from. So maybe your explanation is correct. When I go back, I will have to ask one of the owners.