Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Concern

On the way to the grocery store late this afternoon I saw this bike chained to a street sign.  It apparently arrived today.  It is beautiful in its light blue color, seen in the fading light of day.  It is disconcerting, however, because it resembles a "ghost bike" although they are white.  Ghost Bikes are small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street. A bicycle is painted all white and locked to a street sign near the crash site, accompanied by a small plaque. They serve as reminders of the tragedy that took place on an otherwise anonymous street corner, and as quiet statements in support of cyclists' right to safe travel.  There was no sign on the bike, though.  But it is not a working bike, because the pedals have been removed.  So for the time being, this bike is a mystery.

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