Friday, October 11, 2013

They Are Demolishing My Plant

They are tearing down my plant.  They have been for a while now, but the progress is not obvious from the road I travel on every day.  I had to go across the harbor and use a telephoto lens to show the progress of the demolition.  I have been photographing this plant since moving to Long Island back in 1966.  I love industrial architecture, and this plant has been a wonderful subject over the years.  It is sad to see it go, and I only wish that I could have had a chance to photograph the inside of it.  I would love to have seen the giant boilers and generators before they were destroyed.


ken schwarz said...

What will the land be used for after the plant is torn down and what will happen to local property taxes?

Jackie said...

I will be there soon to photograph!

Ken Spencer said...

Oh man, the taxes are going to kill us! You left town at the right time. They are going to phase in higher taxes over ten years, I think, but am not sure. No sense of what might be built here after the plant is gone.