Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dual Handel

I saw this sign on these wheelbarrows at the local Home Depot.  I really don't want to sound snarky, but the spelling made me laugh.  So does this mean that you will get both "Israel in Egypt" AND "Messiah" at the same time, if you buy this item?  Sorry, I was desperate for a shot!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out, the last wheelbarrow I purchased only had 1 handel - was hard to use and no where near as classy as this one.

Anonymous said...

You did not bring this to the attention of the manager???
Cannot believe some of the spelling errors you see.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Home Depot is promoting the classics:



Anonymous said...

Kind of stunned that it's nearly $85 for a wheelbarrow. I must be out of touch. As for the misspelling, at least you knew what they meant. What's alarming is the volume of made up phrases and bastardization of words that are being used by the younger generation; many just trying to sound with it. Have you ever heard a younger person say, "I feel some type of way"? Apparently, the person who said it to me meant "I'm angry." I looked up the phrase in the Urban Dictionary. Here's what it says:

"some type of way
a phrase used to describe sexual needs, disgust, or even happiness. usually a feeling that is so heightened it elicits confusion and raw emotion.
sexual: i haven't seen my man in 3 weeks.. i'm feelin some type of way

disgust: that bitch just pissed me the hell off.. i'm feelin some type of way

happiness: i just got my refund check - i'm feelin some type of way.. wanna go shoppin?"

I feel like some younger people are speaking a foreign language. So misspellings? I'll take them over words I have no clue about, or ones that rattle my teeth because they're a ooncoction of someone who never paid attention in English class.

Ken Spencer said...

"Some type of way." Wow! If speech and writing are meant to communicate an idea or thought or feeling, this phrase has to be a looser! It makes no sense to make a statement which can have multiple meanings. I always try to be clear in what I say or write, and phrases that can be taken a number of different ways make no sense to me. Oh wait, am I sounding like an old person? :-) I hadn't run across this phrase before - thanks so much for mentioning this!

Anonymous said...

I've heard this, but never knew what it meant. Maybe it's their way of trying to keep the conversation going. They say, "I feel some type of way." You answer, "What way is that." They say, "I'm happy." You say, "About what?"
And then they start talking about whatever. It's like an introduction to a conversation. Maybe. This is speculation. What can you expect from people who communicate mostly by text?